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Strangelove Jenny and The Lovers


Boogie, Beats, Berlin – Jenny And The Lovers will blow the mind of any surf rock, blues or country fan, or anyone with a thing for the fire of the 50's and 60's with "Strangelove".

Jenny And The Lovers from Berlin have put together a veritable time machine. "Strangelove" lives and breathes nostalgia, and calls up long past eras and takes them for a spin: rock'n'roll, surf music, boogie and blues... the passionately presented tracks have all this and much more to get your toes tapping and to enchant you with technicolored pictures of hot rods, slicked back hairstyles and miniskirts. There is a certain western feel to the twanging of the guitars, and a whole lot of gorgeous wah wah and country detail going on, calling up Tito & Tarantula release with a singer whose brilliant voice sometimes has a Nancy Sinatra tone to it. This is a party for anyone who knows what rock'n'roll is really about!

Björn Springorum | Jul 1, 2015
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