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The Invisible Girls Martin Hannett, Steve Hopkins


Martin Hannett is mainly known as the producer of Joy Divison and New Order. His band with Steve Hopkins has now been honoured with an anthology.

Manchester calling! Back then, Tony Wilson's Factory Records stood at the pinnacle of its achievements -  as the remaining members of Joy Divison formed New Order after Ian Curtis' death and before their club, based on the New York model club Hacienda became the rave El Dorado, that it would become a few years later thanks to Chicago house. The beginning of the 80's, when Factory House producer Martin Hannett played with Steve Hopkins in a band called The Invisible Girls. They recorded this album and a range of singles with Pauline Murray and Nico (yup - Nico from The Velvet Underground) that have all been brought together on "The Invisible Girls". The post-punk rebound and the beginning of the industrial and new wave era with its desire for experimentation can be heard on every track. Add to that the classic cool and echoing Hannett sound - this is a great re-issue!

Sven von Thülen | Feb 25, 2015
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