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About Us

Good music. For those who know music.

artistxite offers a range of music for people who know what they like. For people with high expectations. For everyone who loves music as much as we do – in all its facets, in all its genres, and always in the best quality. That is important to us. Our passion for good music comes through in our name: artistxite - artists who excite you. Because for us, music is exactly that: pure excitement. A passion that binds you and us together.

Our Knowledge. Best Choice.

artistxite is your partner – your digital record shop offering new music every week for you to discover. There is a team of music editors, musicians and DJs behind our choices, articles and blog contributions, each presenting the newest trends and albums from their genre. And that is what makes artistxite so special. Using our intelligent search function, everyone can find their own favourite music – choosing from the best on offer.

High Expectations. Good Taste.

artistxite is independent and only bound by good taste. We concentrate on what we know and what we can do: good music. We leave the refrigerators and garden chairs to others, which is why there are no ads on artistxite. You will only find what you are looking for – your favourite music to download in excellent quality.

Own your music. Your own music.

artistxite offers music that is perfect for you – not for streaming, but music for your digital collection. That’s because we are convinced that your favourite music belongs in your collection, and should not just be a temporary part of your life, like when you stream it. That is why we only offer downloads, that can be played anytime and in any place – and our being part of the PLAYFAIR organisation means that you know that the artists will be paid fairly for their music.